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Not all Probiotics Are Created Equal – How Industry is Fooling the Consumer.

The well anticipated, follow up to STATIC I; STATIC BLOG II is here too unveil the hidden truth of Probiotic products and why some probiotics should not be called probiotics. To Spore, Or Not To Spore; that is the question. Not many consumers will be aware of this, but probiotics on the market consist of […]

Three Separations of Product Brands and Distribution from a Developer

A formulator’s perspective taking a microscopic look at the world of supplements and functional foods from a technical standpoint, not as a consumer… By Philip Bromley, CEO and Co-founder of Virun® NutraBiosciences® Even though I am CEO and co-founder of Virun® first and foremost, I am a formulator, product developer, and inventor at heart who’s […]